Annother Photoset!

I decided to take some Pictures of Albuquerque's Old Town. This was way back on Mother's Day. It's not like I planned to do it on Mother's Day, it just happened to be Mother's Day when I was struck with the urge to make some photos.

Old Town is a bit of a tourist trap / shopping center / historical site... thing. Being such a mix actually makes it kind of cool to check out for an afternoon.

These are my 10 favorite photos from the day.


Two Thousand Twelve

I decided to put together a small collection of some photos I took last year. It was a light year for my photography. Not much of interest, but thease are the ones I liked.

My dog. His name is Buster, he is 17 years old. I'm justified in taking lots of pictures of him. Shut the frell up.

Everyone was taking big moon pics because the Moon one day, because it was at the closest point in it's orbit, this is mine. Yes it was artificially enhanced, the moon wasn't really that big.

Albuquerque was in the perfect spot to see the full eclipse. This is the best picture I got of the event. Photographing an eclipse is difficult.

I took this because I was asked to photoshop mockup what the house would look like with a metal decoration above the front door. Also Buster.

Went offroading with my father around father's day. I made a video for him that showed off his jeep. Some of the views were nice too.

Buster sleeping. He's adorable. Shut up.

The lonely boulder, or so I call it. I don't remember what it's really called. You can see it on the tram ride to the top of the Sandia Mountain. And back to the bottom again, obviously.

My father at the top of the tram. Not sure why he looks grumpy.

I spent Christmas in Florida. Warmest Christmas ever! This was the sunrise one morning. No idea why I was up at sunrise.

Some cool trees I can't identify because I'm not a herbavotoligist or something with a nearly entirely different name. They were around a lighthouse in Florida. The trees were cooler.


Blogger & Iron Man 3

Don't ask about the title, it just came to me. Maybe I'm insane. The point of this post is to say I'm relaunching my blog. I played a bit with hosting it on my domain, and updating it manually without a CMS behind it. That was a lot more work than I wanted to put into each post. Now I'm using Blogger. I already use everything Google, so why the frell not?

I've got to admit, converting my site design into a Blogger theme was a pain in the ass. Eventually I figured it out, and by eventually I mean it took about 4 hours. So that was pretty good. There are still a few things I wish I could fix. Like all the share buttons down below. Who uses Twitter or Facebook anymore!? Seriously WTF!?

I also saw Iron Man 3! That was something cool. The bad guys were unbelievable. They had super powers that weren't explained very well. That first seen that almost of explained it was poorly edited, and I think something critical was left out. It was all fun though. The first is still my favorite. I'm a sucker for an origin story.

I suppose that's all. Have a good one!