Have you been watching iZombie? I've been watching iZombie. I've been loving iZombie actually. Only 2 episodes in so far, and I'm completely hooked. It has the spirit of Veronica Mars, plus quirky super powers. what's not to love?


The basic premise is that Liv (kinda like "Live" get it ;) short for Olivia) was an ordinary young rockstar surgeon. Then she went to a party, zombies attacked, now she's a zombie. But zombies aren't all Walking Dead. They're people. People with strange physiological changes. Some cool, some not so much. They also have special dietary requirements as well.

So Liv quit her job at the hospital, and took a new job as an assistant Medical Examiner. This new job provides her will all the brains she could eat. A side effect of eating those brains include taking on the deceased's stronger personality traits and skills, as well as glimpses of their memories. She ends up using these effects to help solve murders. Her medical examiner boss (who knows about her condition) convinces the detective she works with that she know these things because she's a psychic.

So every week there's a murder to solve. Add to that a complex personal life including a best friend/roommate, an overly involved mother, a brother. Don't forget the ex-fiance who she still loves, but doesn't want to risk turning into a zombie. Also, her Medical examiner boss once worked for the CDC. He thinks, in time, he may be able to cure her condition.

It's based on a comic book of the same name. I did read it a couple of years ago when it began, but for some reason I stopped... I don't remember why... The main character's personality is straight out of the comic. The zombies rules are as well. But all the circumstances and surrounding characters are almost completely different. She works as a gravedigger, instead of a medical examiner, for access for brains. At one point she goes up against a group of vampires. In fact, in the comic, all the classic horror monsters are real. Her best friends and roommates are a ghost and a ware-terrier (think werewolf but terrier instead).

Any way. My advice is to give it a shot. You can watch the pilot here on CWTV.com. For more info here's the Wikipedia page as well.